Hate and Discontent- The New American Paradigm

With the conclusion of the bitterly contested 2016 national and state elections do you speculate whether or not the country can return to an environment that resembles normal, whatever that is Im thinking, probably not. What a comic opera. We had two divisive mydigitaltraffic.com lightning-rod presidential candidates representing the two major parties who, with their minions, seemed to divide the country even further. It was apparent that no outcome would be deemed acceptable much less satisfactory giv.

The Trump Card

The following essay is not intended to either sway opinion, insult, or convert anyone to my thought process. It is simply an unfiltered opinion relating to recent rlmusicservices national issues as analyzed by me. And who among humanity doesnt want to hear my opinion? If not read no further. Easy, huh So, here we are months after the presidential vote and a new leader has been installed. Still most of what I see and hear on television / radio news shows NPR and read in print has to do with sobbing …

REFORMATION or How Politicians screwed-up the System

It is basic human nature to make simple things complicated because so-called big-brained intellectuals get paid a lot of money to offer convoluted, and often times snellfirm.com conflicting, explanations for simple matters. We seem to like complications in order to deny and/or avoid the truth. Even though in a past life as a consultant Ive taken part in this charade, I am a believer of Occams or Ockhams Razor which states the simplest or most obvious explanation is the correct one. Here we go